Monday, 2 February 2009

Week 13/24: Let It Snow

This was the view from our bedroom window this morning and I didn’t need persuading not to run outside… I did 50 minutes on the treadmill instead.

On Saturday, Trevor and I completed our first 10-mile run. My hip joint and feet weren’t too happy towards the end but I was very pleased with our stamina.

We feel really tired today though!! Perhaps we’re too old for this. I walked the dogs for an hour this afternoon and Trev has just arrived home from a long meeting and gone straight to bed! Apologies for the boring post, I’ll try and be a bit more interesting next week……

This pic of Trevor was taken around 4.00 pm today


Steve said...

wrap up warm and get some much needed and well deserved rest! Trevor has the right idea!

Annie said...

Will do Steve! I'm OK really.. I've just had a touch of apathy today. Hope YOU are feeling a bit better my friend. I think we all need some sunshine :)

J.KANNAN said...

Dear Annie & Trevor,

Good Morning.

The view of the nature from your Room is Excellent. In fact I had been watching and noticing thr'o media that this year UK is facing pretty and severe cold and with snow that even schools/colleges are closed.In Chennai its just opposite. We feel heat and humidity and needs the AC "ON" most of the time- What a contrast in nature's act?

Both of you shouldn't feel tired from now on, as Trevor's Simplicity Blog, now stands globally accreditted and recongnised as one ofthe top 100s (86) and he is going to make it on top 10s(take my words for granted).

Both of you are not old but GOLD AND BOLD to complete your mission successfully.

Annie you are indeed lucky to possess Trevor as your life's partner- please don't ask for reasons, as reasons are many and you got to believe it- as it comes out of a genuine mind and heart.

I had been watching the growth of fund raising for "Running for Carers" and it has been on the progress though slow but steady- to go with the saying "Slow & steady Wins the Race.'We are all very confident that both of you will make your target of GBP 3000 befor the event takes place

Please await another 25 GBP from me towards this mighty and great cause. Will keep you advised after sending it on my retrun from travel begining on 7th and ending on 12th, Feb 2009

Be Happy- "You both are with God"

With Love & regards.


Annie said...

God bless you JK for your lovely comments. Sorry to hear it's so HOT in Chennai - I wish we could send some our snow over to you to cool down!

Trevor and I like being gold and bold, not old! We're well rested now thanks and hoping to complete another 10 mile run this Saturday, depending on the weather.

Yes, I'm very proud of Trevor being in the Top 100 leadership blogs - fantastic!

You are very kind offering to send another £25.00 - thank you very much!

I will send you some photos in a few days time, of our English weather.

Stay cool, love from Annie

Trevor Gay said...

JK - thanks for your words about Simplicity Blog. As you know I love the exchanges with folks who take the time to make comments. If people use their own time to comment the least I can do is to respond. "Simplicity Blog is like a community" as one person said in the recent comments. I feel very hnoured by such comments and I am very happy to be a member of that community :-)

Thanks for supporting Annie's Blog too ... I am also lucky to have Annie as my partner ..

J.KANNAN said...

Thank you Trevor,
I knowingly skipped what you have indicated in your last paragraph for you to guess and you have guessed rightly- You too are lucky to have Annie as your partner-to go one more step ahead" You both are made and meant for each other."

Have a great week end ahead.