Saturday, 28 January 2017

Apple Trees

My husband Trevor and I visited Dad in hospital today. Dad is recovering from pneumonia and doing remarkably well but his dementia will not improve.  Occasionally it will hide behind a mask of lucidity and he is so normal I want to cry with thankfulness. However today was a mixture of understanding and confusion. He looked weak, thin and vulnerable.  He is not the strong father I remember from years ago. Not the father who used to repair the roof, rewire the house, build furniture, tend to the garden, take me fishing in the summer and sledging in the winter snow. Not the father who taught me mathematics, helped with history projects and proof-read English essays. He is not the father who took me elderberry picking to make home-made wine or helped me climb our apple tree. Beautiful memories! These times are long gone and my father is now just a shell of the man he once was. In my mind though he will always be my hero and I love him x

Friday, 27 January 2017


Poor old Dad... no wonder he feels so poorly - he's got pneumonia. Mind you, he's taken a turn for the better today. I visited him yesterday and he was very repetitive and unaware of any recent events.  However, today, my mom said that he was quite chatty - she said it was like his dementia had been put to one side. I hope his lucidity will stay with him tomorrow.....

Monday, 23 January 2017

In Hospital

Poor old Dad was admitted to hospital with breathing problems in the early hours of Sunday morning.  He's been waiting a while now for an operation for a new heart valve and it's getting more and more urgent. Now he's developed a urine infection so I suppose they'll have to wait until he's recovered from that before operating.  He's so confused and doesn't understand why he's in hospital.  My mom and brother spent the afternoon with him today and when they said they were leaving, he thought he could go home with them.  Lordy me, parents are a worry..... 

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Hobos and Hippies

Mom and Dad used to be involved with the Solihull Amateur Winemakers Circle in the 1960s/70s.  I don't think it exists any more, which is a shame because it was a lot of fun! There were often fancy dress events and this was a Hobos and Hippies evening.  Dad is the chap in the denim jeans and waistcoat and that's my mom next to him in the red top and spotty skirt! I guess Dad would have been in his late 40s and he's now nearly 90!
I visited my parents on Thursday and Dad seemed a bit more confused.  He's got this habit now of walking around singing tuneless "pompy pom pom pomp pom pom" notes.  Goodness knows what that's all about!



Sunday, 15 January 2017

1940s Remembered......

Today was a good day with my dad, Eric.  Just before Christmas I bought him a book about life in the 1940s.  When I mentioned the book, Dad had no recollection of me giving it to him but when my husband Trevor and I started showing him the pages, it conjured up many memories.

Dad knew immediately that the above picture was the work of British cartoonist, Fougasse (real name: Cyril Kenneth Bird).  I definitely recommend the book, available from Amazon.

Saturday, 14 January 2017

My dad, Eric

My dad Eric, aged 89, was diagnosed with "mixed dementia" in June 2016. He has Vascular Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease.  If someone had told me a year ago this is what would happen to him, I would have been very surprised.  He's always been so incredibly fit and mentally alert. Something 'just happened' under a year ago.  He stopped joining in with conversation and responding to questions.  To be honest, I thought  he was going a bit deaf and am shocked by the results of memory tests.  It has been very hard on my mom, Pauline, aged 81.  Dad has always been in control of everything and now Mom is in the position of Carer, not Wife.
Dad is fine with routine things... he can wash, go to the toilet, eat and remember the immediate family....actually that's about it. He can no longer think, make decisions or help with household chores.  He cannot remember how to record programmes, use a mobile phone or sort out any kind of paperwork. My heart is breaking and if anyone can offer comfort or help, please do. I'm too emotional to write any more.....