Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Week 14/24: BACKchat

Here we are, already into Week 14 of our 24-week marathon training plan - in just over 10 weeks it will be the Big Day!
After last week's tiredness, Trevor and I are now full of zest and enthusiasm, despite the weather and a couple of minor accidents....
In our area, the first flurry of snow appeared on the 2nd February, with a heavier snowfall 3 days later. By Friday the 6th, the snow had frozen solid and that's when I slipped and fell, my poor left knee taking the full force.
It's still quite painful to the touch, but there doesn't appear to be any joint damage. A couple of days later I rather stupidly dropped a heavy tin on my left foot. My poor old bruised toes and knee now resemble bags of fruit pastilles.

This week I'd like to talk to you about my chiropractor. I had been troubled with hip joint/lower back pain for some years and my friend recommended that I go and see him. It was last summer that I first encountered the wonderful Dr. Stefaan Vossen, who describes himself as a ginger giant, on account of him being tall and um... ginger.

After a thorough examination, Stefaan started a series of corrections to my spine; he also identified problems with my feet and sent me to a podiatrist, who I will feature in a future blog post. Stefaan's treatment has helped considerably and he's been very encouraging with regard to my marathon training.

This is a link to Stefaan's website, The Chiropractic Network, which takes you to his office in Warwick, though I see him at his practice in Rugby.

This week's training includes 3 runs during the week for 20, 40 and 65 minutes, with a 2-hour run on Saturday, weather permitting.

Fund-raising for Carers UK is going well with just over £500 raised so far. Trevor and I are touched by the generosity of many people, especially at this time of financial recession. Donations have been received, not just from our friends in the UK, but also from the US, Canada, India and Hong Kong! Heartfelt thanks to those who have sent money and for those who haven't - we've yet to raise another £2,500 and any amount would be gratefully received! Please visit our fund-raising page, Running for Carers.

Not ideal running conditions. That's when the treadmill comes in handy!

Due to school/work closures, a group of people gathered in the village lane.

The snow didn't stop the Virgin trains from running though - good old Richard Branson

Trevor so enjoyed throwing snowballs - I only just managed to avoid this one!

I captured this scene yesterday; it was gloriously sunny but the snow stayed.


Steve said...

Your poor foot! What was in the tun I wonder? I hope some nice energy boosting chocolate biscuits!

Steve said...

That should have been tin not tun!

Annie said...

Haha, I wish Steve. It was a large [empty] cake tin - nearly the same weight as a tin of beans. Mmm, I fancy a chocolate biscuit actually.....