Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Week 11/24: Yes We Can

As our dogs slept, dreaming of juicy bones, chasing rabbits and terrorising the local cat, Trevor and I watched Barack Obama's inauguration on TV today.

On such an important day in history, our marathon training may seem a little insignificant. Oh well...to us and to Carers UK it isn't!

At Week 11 of our 24-week training schedule, all is going well and Trevor's knee is pain-free. (I think men from Mars heal a bit quicker than earthlings) This week involves 4 running sessions: 20, 40, 50 and 90 minutes. We joined a local gym a couple of weeks ago, the main attraction being the swimming pool. Once you get over the shock of jumping into very cold water (the heating system has packed up) it's rather a pleasant way to unwind. Last week, Trevor forgot to take his glasses off when he dived in. He lost them and spent the next half an hour blindly feeling his way around the pool trying to find them. Did I help? No, I was too busy laughing at him.

Sometimes I get a bit panicky about running 26 miles. It's like being pregnant: you know there will be a lot of pain when the time comes but there's nothing you can do about it! All we can do is stick to the training regime and try to keep ourselves as fit as possible. Can we do it?
.....um YES WE CAN........

(she says, keeping her fingers crossed)


Steve said...

I must confess to a sneaky, secret ambition to run a marathon one day... not sure exactly when, but one day when the little 'un is older and I can guarantee myself a good night's sleep... I'm full of admiration for what you and Trevor are doing. Good on yer!

Annie said...

Thanks Steve, You're still a youngster - there's plenty of time :)

I hope the family are all doing well and virus-free now.

J.KANNAN said...

Dear Annie & Trevor,

Iam back now and slowly getting back to my routine after Sriram & Sharanya had left for Hongkong on 01 Feb 09.

I love your second paragraph. Its with total dedication and high spirits by you & Trevor for Carers.

I am glad and feel fine to note that Trevor is free from knee pain and you are right-He is from Mars-. 200 minutes of running a week is indeed great at this young age for both of you-GOOD & KEEP IT UP.

You know, Trevor was not looking for the glasses after he lost it in the dive, but looking for you and your laughter consoled and
composed him,'am sure about it.

Don't get panic thinking of 26 miles of running. Both of you will make it without any hurdles. Yes both of you will also keep yourselves fit and trim to complete the marathon, as Jesus will b e with you both, and at the end you will feel having run only 26 meters and satisfaction of having run 26 miles.

May God Grace & Bless you and Trevor for succesful completion of your marathon mission.

With Love & regards.


Annie said...

Thanks JK, Trevor and I can always rely on you for kind encouraging words :)
We have been very tired today and lacking in motivation but I suppose we all have our 'off' days! Yes, we know that God is with us, always. There, after your comment, we feel better already - he guided you to us!

It must have been wonderful having Sriram and Sharanya back home. I expect you will miss them and we'll hold you in our thoughts and prayers. God bless you and the family.