Tuesday, 21 April 2009

The Big Day Approaches

5 days to go!

Well, here we are, just 5 days before the Big Day and what an amazing rollercoaster ride this has been. There have been days of euphoria at various stages in our training, particularly after completing the first 10-mile run, the Silverstone Half-marathon, 15 miles, 18 and finally 20.

There have been days when the reluctance to run has been overwhelming due to fatigue, injury and a lack of motivation. And what a lot of days there have been since our training started in early November!

The most wonderful part of our journey has been the support of friends and relatives, both moral and financial, to raise funds for Carers UK. For this, Trevor and I thank you, wholeheartedly.

Incidentally, I have logged each training session and to date we have run 443 miles. That's like running from London to Glasgow!

"Let us run with perseverence the race that is set before us" [Hebrews 12:1]

Photos taken at the Silverstone Half-Marathon - 15th March 2009

Friday, 10 April 2009

Pooch Power

2 weeks to go!


Sorry it's been over 2 weeks since my last post. I was waiting until the Silverstone Half-marathon photos had arrived from Marathonfoto.com, the official photographers for the race. Despite a promise of shipment within 2 weeks, more than 3 weeks later, the photos haven't arrived, n
have I received a response to my 'chase-up' email! Hmph.....

Right, on to more important and positive matters. We ran 20 miles on Monday! I had been battling with a cold and bronchitis all week, but after a few extra rest days I felt fit enough to attempt our longest training run. (Trevor's knee joint had flared up again so he was glad of a rest too!). I started to experience mild pain in my joints and muscles after about 10 miles, but to be honest, it didn't get any worse. We had 2 x 5-minute breaks at miles 7 and 14 to replenish our supply of drinks/jelly babies/glucose tablets, but apart from those stops, we ran all the way. For the next 2 weeks the training is 'tapered' to give the old muscles and joints chance to recover for the Big Day. We're planning to run around 11 miles tomorrow and 7 miles next week with a few shorter runs in between. I thank God every day for the stamina to keep going and am praying we can remain fit for the next couple of weeks....

Having said that our 2 dogs nearly killed me the other day! We have 18-month-old Cairn Terrior/Bichon Frisé crossbreeds called Rusty and Bertie. I took them for their regular walk and was just crossing the road when they spotted another dog on the other side of the road. They got very excitable and somehow managed to wrap their leads around my legs and ankles, unbalancing me. I ended up on my backside in the middle of the road, bound up like a chicken. I sat there for 5 minutes, untangling the leads, whilst cars swerved to avoid me and the mad dogs. Any chickens passing by were probably wondering why on earth the human was trying to cross the road....

Until next week, bye for now, God bless :)

Here are the little terr(i)ors, Rusty and Bertie; they don't look very powerful in this photo.

Bertie loves shopping bags