Sunday, 12 February 2017

Zimmer down now.....

Dad seemed ever-so-slightly better today... a bit more lucid and strong.  He can't get to the loo without a walker/zimmer frame but at least he's not incontinent now - yay! Fingers crossed all goes well with the heart consultant tomorrow.....

Saturday, 11 February 2017


I watched a great documentary on Wednesday, called "Hospital" and this week, episode 5, featured a 98-year-old who had a TAVI (transcatheter aortic valve implantation) This guy was the oldest to have the procedure... he had a stroke during the op but recovered.
The TAVI is exactly what's recommended for my 89-year-old dad, Eric.

Dad has an appointment booked on Monday at the QE Hospital in Birmingham to discuss this TAVI procedure. I hope that he is fit enough to go through with it. He has lost over 2 stones (around 30 pounds) and now weighs 8 stones 10 lbs. Mom is encouraging him to eat high-carb/fat food to put the weight back on.

I visited my mom and dad on Monday and Thursday this week and thought that's Dad's dementia seemed very much worse... it was quite shocking really. Just a few weeks ago he was frail but able to wash, shower and pop to the shops to get a newspaper. Now he is housebound and can only walk with a frame.  He stopped his "pompey pom" tuneless singing and replaced it with nothing. Absolutely zilch. Silence.

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Quando Quando Quando

Quando Quando Quando - when when when?

To be honest, the last 7 days have been hell on earth for my mom and dad but I don't want this blog to always be so depressing.  Over 3 million people have seen the lovely video of Teddy Mac, a dementia sufferer, singing Quando Quando Quando and let it continue to bring a smile to our faces 😄

I drove my dad home from hospital on Monday.  He was still recovering from pneumonia and nowhere near ready to leave but the hospital needed the bed I suppose. On Thursday he developed an all-over-body rash. The GP came and said it was an allergy and prescribed more medication to add to the mountain of pills. Dad has also become incontinent and my mom is utterly exhausted with all the changing of underwear, sheets, etc.  She's nearly 82 years old and is on the verge of a breakdown 😢 I would DEARLY love to give up work and care for both of my parents but I can't afford not to work.  I'm juggling 4 jobs and feel so guilty all the time that I'm not there 24/7. Oh, what to do....?

Today, my mom rang 111 (the NHS emergency and urgency services number) to say she couldn't cope with Dad and a senior nurse said that she would contact Social Services.  Let's see what happens. Dad has worsening dementia, is thin, weak and skeletal and in desperate need of this new heart valve.... WHEN WHEN WHEN?

Ps. I have a stinking cold and am unable able to visit this weekend for fear of spreading germs.  My brother and his wife have the 'flu so Mom and Dad are very much on their own. Hoping they can hang in there!