Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Web Crash 2007

This is a spoof news report on the day the internet died. It made me laugh :-)

Sunday, 22 July 2007

Something Beginning with 'H'

We moved house on Tuesday to a picturesque village in Warwickshire.

Trevor found it all a bit too much and decided to hang himself......

Eric, my dad, tells Trevor not to to do it......

"I've changed my mind," says Trevor, coming down the ladder, feeling a little less stressed "Let's play 'I Spy' instead, Eric. I spy with my little eye, something beginning with H..."

"Heil Hitler!" yells Eric. "Well, would you believe it?" asks Trevor, "He isn't dead after all, he's been hiding in the loft all these years!"
"Don't be daft," says the logical university student behind Eric, "the house was only built 18 months ago"