Sunday, 18 May 2008

Imagine this.....

Imagine that you go to the theatre one evening to see a play in two acts.

Imagine that the play opens with a narrator to set the scene, during which some people come into the auditorium, late and noisily.

Imagine that the first narration is over and the first scene appears to go quite well, creating laughter and a round of applause at the end of the scene.

Imagine that the second scene is interrupted by two people from the audience. The first one says that the first scene was completely false and unrealistic. The second person stands up to say that he is offended by something in the script.

Imagine that the scene continues, somewhat slugglishly because the success of the second scene is dependent on a response from the audience.

Imagine that one of the actors remains composed and professional, though inside he feels embarrassed. The other actor becomes hyper-active in an attempt to win back the audience, but does manage a degree of control.

Imagine that a couple more people in the audience interrupt by stating that the play was different from what they were expecting and had they known what the play was about, they wouldn't have come. They leave the auditorium.

Imagine that the curtains close before the first act is finished.

Imagine that the second act proceeds but it is difficult to follow, without having seen the first act in its entirety.

OK that's enough imagination for one day! This highlights one of our role-playing training workshops for the NHS, last Friday. Trevor and I have facilitated many of these events and apart from a little bit of negative feedback a few months ago from one, the response has been warm and positive! We wouldn't have been contracted to do a series of 25 workshops with one health authority if they'd been that awful!

I was the one who went all hyper and humiliated myself. I feel so sorry that we failed, and that the majority of the audience were short-changed.

Sigh, we have 4 more similar workshops this week. Lamb and slaughter spring to mind. I'd better pop a jar of mint sauce in my handbag.

Here's me, after the workshop... attempting a smile!

Monday, 12 May 2008

Knowle Fun Run

What a busy couple of weeks we've had!! Trevor and I have been bombing up and down the motorway, facilitating role-playing training workshops for the NHS. We've spent much of our time in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hampshire. The beauty of where we live in Warwickshire means that nowhere is a million miles away.

Speaking of high numbers, Trevor was on Cloud Nine Million yesterday. His beloved Manchester United became the Premiership champions for the 10th time in 16 seasons, under the leadership of Sir Alex Ferguson. I'm still trying to bring Trevor back down to earth!

Trevor and I had our own small achievement to celebrate as we participated, for the 3rd year, erm.. running, in the 5-mile Knowle Fun Run in Solihull. With a steep hill (run twice in the 2-lap course) and temperatures higher than in Spain, it wasn't the easiest of races. Still, we did it!

Me before the race. Oh look, a balloon is sticking out of my head!

Trevor looks longingly at the sausages...

...and I'm tempted by the ice cream van but manage to resist

after the run...

...sweaty but smiling with relief!