Monday, 29 December 2008

Week 8/24: Men Are From Mars......etc

Trevor and I share some interests, but since we started our marathon training, never have our differences been more obvious. The man I am sharing my life with is, I am convinced, an alien from Mars or more likely, Uranus. It's ironic really, that one of our similarities, a desire to run a marathon, should expose his cover as an Earthman. Please don't misunderstand me, I am passionate about my husband. Whatever species he is, there's no denying that he's got fantastic legs and his kisses are out of this world.

Our 24-week marathon training plan was obtained from the Flora London Marathon website. I'm running a bit less now than I was before the training started 8 weeks ago! I figured out that the person who wrote the plan (Tim Rogers) must know what he's talking about. Not wanting to wear out my joints I decided to take the cautious and sensible option of following an official training plan. At Week 8, the running schedule includes 2 x 30-minute, 1 x 10-minute and 1 x 10K (6.2 miles) jogging sessions - spread over 7 days with 3 rest days in between - easy peasy (apart from the cold weather!)

Trevor on the other hand, has taken matters into his own hands and decided that training should be far more gruelling. He likes to run twice a day EVERY day and now an old sports injury (damaged and stretched knee ligaments which meant 6 weeks in plaster) has come back to haunt him. I don't know how many cans of 'freeze' spray and tubes of anti-inflammatory gel he has used but as soon as the pain subsides slightly, he runs. A very attractive knee support has become a permanent part of his attire.... in fact I think he may need to get it surgically removed some time in the future. I do admire his drive and determination but who is right? Well, it doesn't really matter but the point is, we are so DIFFERENT in our approach to things.

Enough of us... I hope you had a great Christmas. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

From Annie &

(Martian for 'Trevor' )


J.KANNAN said...

Yes Annie,

You are right-Your sweet Trevor an alien from Mars and its you who brought him down to Planet Earth and joined with you.

It is indeed very good of you, having made a Mars man to Earth man, and all said and done you are going to make him a Marathon man with you.

It looks like you are planning your training schedule and module very well and well ahead and its really a good indication of you both remaining in good physical state of health.

Please do not worry about the little pains and inconveniences both of you might encounter. Consider it as a temperary phase in the process of getting prepared for a Great Event and the end result is going to be pretty good, and 'am confident and positive about it, and 'am passing on these inspirations to both of you to care and share.

Now coming to knee attire support to Trevor its a good decision and more than this support, he needs all your support-Take care of thyself and my best friend Trevor on his marathon training.

Happy New year to you and all your family members and friends,celebrate and enjoy while stepping into 2009 "A Great year for you & Trevor.

Best regards.


Dave Wheeler said...

Annie...what a terrific narrative! Of all the planets to select as an alternative to Mars...interesting.

You two are remarkable and an inspiration to me personally for so many reasons. Thanks for brightening the first day of the New Year with a smile and a laugh!

Annie said...

JK, thanks for your comments - kind and encouraging, as always... and witty!
I'm not sure I deserve any praise though! I've giving up suggesting that Trevor 'rests' his knee - he's far too competitive to take any notice. Oh well, maybe his approach is right because his knee is less painful today!

Your Sririam phoned us this morning - what a delightful man - you must be a very proud dad.

Happy New Year to YOU! I hope that 2009 is an extra-special year for you. God bless :)

Annie said...

Hey Dave, well maybe I shouldn't have mentioned Uranus!

Pleased to have made you smile and hope that we can provide a few more laughs in the coming months :)

Trevor said that you educate and inspire him too!

Have a great 2009 Dave. Hopefully we can all meet up sometime.
Hope you are better now - keep on walking!

Steve said...

Some people - not just men, I might add - like to push themselves to the limit in order to feeel a sense of true satisfaction. The limit, however, is often synonymous with the pain barrier... personally, I don't like pain so I tend to stay as far away from my limits as possible. I know they are there and that's enough for me.

Annie said...

Hi Steve, yes, mmmm, some blokes are also very competitive and try to be fitter than their running companions :)

I'm with you on the subject of pain - it should be definitely be avoided!

Trevor Gay said...

I deny I am competitive in the slightest...

‘No pain no gain’ I say ... I’m a follower of the Sir Alex Ferguson school of training methods.

Now where is that damned knee support ... the good news is is my 'appliance' works a treat ... we don't have such things on mars

Signing off with love always darling.

Mork of "Morks Left Knee"

k phjk lkj xx

Trevor Gay said...

PS - I deny my knee was hurt in the crash of my UFO into that silly wind turbine in Lincolnshire last week!

What a a stupid place to build a wind turbine anyway - anyone with any common sense knows that's directly on our martian flight path

Mork xx

J.KANNAN said...

I am a believer & follower of you, Trevor,like " No pain No Gain".The only little difference is " I like more Gain-Doesn't matter more Pain to me!!!!!!.

All the best,Good Luck & My prayers to you & Annie in your Marathon Mission.


Trevor Gay said...

Cheers JK - the 'pain' is not serious my friend :-)

J.KANNAN said...

I Love your opinion. That's what is right spirit.And always remember Annie is with you for ever,then how can you feel "Pain serious"

May Lord Jesus be with you both to Grace, Bless and keep painless.

Thanks a lot Trevor.