Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Coventry Carers Conference

Trevor & I perform at a Coventry Carers Conference on 3rd March

Trevor facilitated a workshop for the Coventry City Council on Monday and I assisted with a couple of drama sketches.
The attendees:
Carers of people with mental health problems
Managers (Social Services)
I played a mother-of-4. Her husband was suicidally depressed, her one child was autistic and another child was ill and needed to see a doctor but she couldn't get through on the telephone. Stress. She phoned her social worker (played by Trevor) who had problems of his own: he was under a lot of stress at work and his wife was diagnosed that morning with terminal cancer.
We performed the sketch twice: the first time the situation was handled rather badly, causing the mother to break down as she was being torn in all directions and just needed a little help. After much discussion and based on the comments of the participants, we acted the sketch again in the afternoon, portraying a better and more positive way for the social worker to help his client.
The conference was certainly an eye-opener, meeting carers and hearing their stories. I just hope that the workshop made some kind of difference.
Trevor and I feel so blessed that the only ties we have in our lives are 2 hairy canines.


Steve said...

Teaching people how to manage stress in themselves and other people has to be one of the most worthwhile occupations ever!

Annie said...

Thanks Steve. Trevor and I have been talking about this. We think that the greatest teaching is actually provided by the carers themselves...