Thursday, 20 March 2008

Blog Off!

I'm afraid I haven't got my blogging head on at the moment - I'm spending far too long playing Scrabulous (Scrabble) on Facebook! I will try and post something very soon.

Annie x

Ps. If Steve reads this, I will catch up on your posts in the next couple of days.


TV Digital said...

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Steve said...

Wow. Such polite spam!

Looking forward to you popping by, Annie. Talking of Scrabulous... it's your turn... though you're roaring ahead now... I think the result is a foregone conclusion but I'll keep battling on to the end!

Annie said...

Thanks Steve... yes it IS polite spam - I even got a hug with it!

I've taken my turn in Scrabulous. That's the spirit - keep battling.

Will comment on your blog soon - just need to catch up with the old TV viewing!