Friday, 28 December 2007

We Three Chaps: Nativity Pantomime

At church on Christmas Eve, Trevor and I performed in a nativity pantomime, written by little old me, though I'm not sure I should own up to it!
"We Three Chaps" had a cross-dressing cast of five: three wise men, King Herod and the Angel Gabrielle. The wise men, played by women, were terribly posh business people with brief cases (one of them was awfully nice, but dim). Trevor played the Angel Gabrielle in pretty pink pyjamas. His job was to whip up the congregation into a frenzy of enthusiasm and participation, shouting "hurrah" every time Jesus' name was mentioned. I played the evil King Herod and was booed at every possible opportunity. Included in the panto was a "he's behind you!" scene including the compulsory "oh no he isn't!" etc. followed by a chase scene involving Herod and the wise chaps. The Christmas story was told through these 5 characters but there were, naturally, frequent references to Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
The congregation seemed to enjoy it.... Oh yes they did!
I hope YOU had a very happy and enjoyable Christmas.
Me as King Herod

Trevor as the Angel Gabrielle


Steve said...

Good for you! Nice to know that going to church can be so much fun!

Annie said...

It is Steve... try it sometime :-) BTW thanks for your Facebook Christmas gift of a jar of smiles. When are you going to open YOUR gift?

Steve said...

Hi Annie, I thought I had! I seem to have quite a bit of trouble with Facebook these days - very slow to load and jams my browser up something rotten. However, thank you for the toy bus.

Hmm. I now realize that I needed to tick the "show gift as unwrapped" box...!

Andrew Glazebrook said...

OK this has gotten way to kinky for me !! :) Oh you're dressing up for a play,sorry I got confused for a moment there !! All the best for 2008, love Trevor in those pink pj's by the way :)

Trevor Gay said...

Andrew – thanks for the compliment – This cross dressing is all done in the interests of research of course. Nothing kinky about my pink pj’s – you should see the matching bra – we couldn’t publish that on the Web - now that really would change the whole tone of Annie’s Blog :-)

I am joking btw …… It’s hard enough living with a name like mine :-)

Annie said...

Thanks for your comment Andrew.

Contrary to Trev's comment, these are the reasons for the cross-dressing.... I'm a more scary Herod than Trevor. He's a more attractive angel! As for the 3 wise men, we had 3 enthusiastic female volunteers!

Nearly midnight - time to pop the champers. Happy New Year to you too!

Marianne said...

I love you guys!

Annie said...

Aw .... thanks Marianne. We love you too!