Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Blue Moon

I don’t expect that anyone is even remotely interested to hear about my buttocks.

However, my buttocks are very much on my mind today because they are hurting me. I stepped into the shower this morning, slipped and my buttocks splat hard down on to the door runner of the shower unit. I now have a horizontal striped bruise that stretches across both cheeks.

Oh well, a glass of good red wine should soothe the pain.



Steve said...


By the way, the wine only helps if you take it internally... don't waste it making a poultice!

I'm sad enough to get the Spongebob reference too: the episode where he smashes his butt into pieces is a classic.

Annie said...

Hey, I did take the wine internally haha!

Zany Spongebob? It's deliciously creative eh? I've only seen snippets of it really.

Thanks Steve.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

My buttocks made it into the accident book when I worked at the Odeon, I was going down an emergency exit one afternoon and someone had spilled a can of coke on the concrete stairs and I slipped and landed on my arse. So the accident book read 'Bruised buttocks' :) I didn't have to show my arse to the management, which was a pity :)

Annie said...

Owwww. Thanks for sharing that! It WAS a pity you didn't show it to the management hehe. Oh well, it could have been worse... at least it wasn't YOUR coke that was spilled :-)