Friday, 14 April 2017

A Very Good Friday

Trevor and I went to a Good Friday service at Church this morning. It's always a solemn occasion.  The minister can't exactly extract humour from the story of a man suffering an excruciating death on the cross. Jesus was a man who at one point felt he had been deserted by his father. I think us post-Jesus people are very lucky.... at least we know that there was a happy ending (or should that be beginning?) 3 days later 😊

This afternoon was a very happy time.  Trevor and I took Mom and Dad out for a Good Friday Fish and Chips lunch in Solihull. Yes, took them OUT! There has been an improvement in Dad's physical health since my last post 2 months ago.  (There was a blip a couple of weeks ago when he suffered a small stroke but he recovered quickly). Though a little doddery, Dad is able to walk without a frame and is no longer housebound. He has gained a little weight too and doesn't resemble a famine victim. More good news is that FINALLY he has been given a date for a new heart valve implant - next Friday! He has a diseased valve which means, without tablets, fluid collects in his lungs and he can't breathe. Even with tablets he struggles to breathe at times, so the new valve will make a massive difference. The procedure isn't without risk, ie. major stroke, heart attack, bleeding and acute kidney failure but let's not think about that and stay positive!

Dad's dementia will not improve. There is no short-term memory and he is unable to think rationally or make decisions. He doesn't remember that he has to go into hospital for an operation. Trevor is brilliant with him though and always manages to ignite memories from the past. Today's subject was cars and Dad managed to list some cars he previously owned.

I hope and pray that my father's mind will not desert those he loves and that there will be a happy ending to next week's operation. A x

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