Friday, 11 April 2008

It started with a click........

It is 4 years today since Trevor and I met ‘virtually’. Our first 'actual' encounter was on 11th July 2004 …in Tesco Supermarket just off the M42 in Solihull!

4 years… crikey. 4 years and one day ago, neither of us had any idea of each other’s existence. At the time we were both unhappy with our lives and by the love and grace of God, we were brought together by one fleeting moment in cyberspace that could so easily have been missed. Amazing!

How our lives have changed in the past 4 years! Trevor gave up his 35-year career with the National Health Service and moved from Devon to the Midlands. He became a grandad to 2 boys, now aged 3 and 6 months. We set up a business, married, moved house twice and last but not least, we adopted 2 puppies.

We haven’t had a crossed word in 4 years, not one. I can honestly say that there is nothing about Trevor that annoys me, other than the fact that he’s a Manchester United supporter but that’s nothing a frontal lobotomy won’t cure :-)

I love my husband deeply and will be eternally grateful for the happiness he has brought into my life.





Trevor Gay said...

Love is ……. Sitting beside me at St Andrews on a freezing December night watching my beloved Manchester United beat the Blues 4-0 and not complaining once about either the weather or the result ...….. If my memory serves me correctly the hot water bottle even went cold …. I love you more than Manchester United xxx

Thanks darling for not just ‘changing’ my life … but for making my life complete x

Steve said...

What a lovely post and comment. The photos are great - your happiness with each other shines out. Hope you both have a great weekend!

Annie said...

Thanks Steve - very kind of you to say so. Enjoy your weekend too!

Annie said...

Trevor, oh yes, Birmingham City.... I nearly lost three toes through frostbite that evening.
Still, you held me tightly and yelled sweet hurrahs into my ear everytime United scored. What fun :-)

ILU2 xx