Tuesday, 29 April 2008

The Fabulous Lampshade Boys

Our dogs, Bertie and Rusty, were castrated on Friday. I feel so TERRIBLE, making them endure the discomfort but Trevor and I took the advice of experts that dogs live longer and happier lives when they are without...... According to my dog training manual, only expert breeders should leave their dogs intact.

I feel humbled by how incredibly loving they are to us still. I am reminded of John Steinbeck's "Of Mice & Men" when one of the migrant workers, George, explains that his friend Lennie, who has learning difficulties, thanks George profusely for rescuing him from drowning in a river when it was in fact, George who made him jump in the first place!

The 'lampshades' prevent the boys from interfering with their stitches

Aw.. this photo was taken on the first day after their 'op'. A recommended dinner of lightly scrambled egg is served.


Steve said...

Poor boys! But having watched Me Or The Dog I agree with what you've done. It is far crueller to leave their love-furniture intact and then deny them the use of it... either let them breed or don't. And if it's the latter the chop is the kindest thing. Though probably not the type of chop they were hoping for...! ;-)

Annie said...

Wish I'd seen that programme.
You are funny Steve, hehe