Wednesday, 20 February 2008

The Goose Has Landed

Travelling out of our village in the direction of Leamington Spa, there is Ryton Pool, home to the Leamington Angling Club.
I took this photo on Sunday - the poor goose landed with a loud thud rather than a splash because the pool was frozen.

Work is still very quiet for me but from March onwards, life will be chaotic for a few months as we're all over the county delivering our training workshops. We are branching out; in addition to the NHS we have taken bookings from the Coventry City Council and also some charitable organisations.

This quiet period has given me time to concentrate on house-training the pups, which is going extremely well. No poos in the house this week, just the odd little wee or two!

I've also had the opportunity to catch up on my TV viewing. I am currently watching Lark Rise to Candleford (charming), Ashes to Ashes (funny and nostalgic), Torchwood (very creative), Moving Wallpaper (hilarious) Primeval (my favourite - I love it!!) and Kingdom (utterly delightful, but it finished on Sunday)

What are YOUR current favourites?


Steve said...

Ryton Pools is a favourite Saturday afternoon walking spot for us too - though we haven't been for a month or two now! I recommend going around March / April when the bluebells are out and strolling through the woods: amazing!

Torchwood, Ashes To Ashes, Lark Rise and Primeval are all TV regulars at the moment... as is Masterchef which for some reason has got Karen and I hooked!

Annie said...

Thanks Steve. As we're fairly new to the area, it was a real 'find' for us! We look forward to seeing those bluebells... maybe we'll bump into you sometime!

I must confess I never watch cookery programmes ... though Trevor probably wishes I would :-)

Rocky said...

Of Course we do not get the Television shows here in America that you get. I am not much on watching shows, but I am geting hooked on American Idol at present. I have a pond similar to that outside the back of my house and I love to watch the geese. My Lab. likes to chase them, but he has not eaten any. Looking forwardto warmer weather as the geese are as well.

Annie said...

I've seen a few snippets of the American Idol programmes - yes I can see that it is addictive viewing. I'm the same with our UK equivalent, 'The X-Factor'

Yes roll on warm weather....