Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Halloween Mischief

This is probably the worst rendition of The Witches Chant from Macbeth you will have ever seen. You can tell there was no rehearsal! Trevor does well as my assistant witch, but then he didn't have to do much, other than stir up a few body parts. TURN THE VOLUME DOWN (or even OFF) - I was too close to the mic.

Shakespeare is probably turning in his grave.

Have a hideous Halloween.


Steve said...

Ha ha! Very funny. What a great audition tape for any future edition of Whose Line Is It Anyway...! Love the costumes too!

Annie said...

Thanks Steve. That was done in mad moment...we hadn't even had a drink!! (I don't think Hat Trick would be remotely interested lol) We'll be wearing the costumes at a fund-raising Halloween party this Saturday.
Hope you and family are well. Have a great weekend!

Steve said...

Thank you - all ok here though Tom is suffering a bit from colic; we've got some stuff from the chemist which should help sort that out though. Hope you have a great weekend too.