Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Bank Holiday in Birmingham

In England, we come to expect grey skies and rain on Bank Holiday Monday and yesterday was no exception. Happily though, in Birmingham, our rainfall wasn't much more than a spit.

We're the adventurous type, travelling as far afield as the city of Birmingham. Gosh, it's at least 7 miles from our home in Solihull!

Here's me in Victoria Square, with the immortialised Queen Victoria watching the hustle and bustle of this great city. The building behind is the newly restored Town Hall. A few years ago, it was a crumbling danger-zone.

This photo of the Town Hall was taken from Birmingham's Central Library in Chamberlain Square. It's magnificent don't you think? I can't help thinking that the huge TV screen doesn't quite match the architecture!

Just a short walk away is Brindley Place - this is the heart of Birmingham. Did you know that there are more canals here than in Venice? Here is Trevor, eager to get to the Handmade Burger Co. on the other side of the canal. DON'T STEP BACK TREVOR!

Here he is again, in the burger restaurant. Oh look, he wants to tell you his age....

Back in Victoria Square on our way home, quite a crowd has gathered. Birmingham City football fans are celebrating their team's promotion to the Premier Division next season. WELL DONE BLUES!


David Llewellyn said...

Lovely photos, is Trevor telling fibs about his age again?

The TV screen wont be there for long, somebody forgot to apply for a licence !

Annie said...

No, usually he tells people he's 54 hahahahah.....

Hey are you kidding about the licence? Nothing would surprise me!

holidayhome said...

nice pictures u made