Saturday, 11 February 2017


I watched a great documentary on Wednesday, called "Hospital" and this week, episode 5, featured a 98-year-old who had a TAVI (transcatheter aortic valve implantation) This guy was the oldest to have the procedure... he had a stroke during the op but recovered.
The TAVI is exactly what's recommended for my 89-year-old dad, Eric.

Dad has an appointment booked on Monday at the QE Hospital in Birmingham to discuss this TAVI procedure. I hope that he is fit enough to go through with it. He has lost over 2 stones (around 30 pounds) and now weighs 8 stones 10 lbs. Mom is encouraging him to eat high-carb/fat food to put the weight back on.

I visited my mom and dad on Monday and Thursday this week and thought that's Dad's dementia seemed very much worse... it was quite shocking really. Just a few weeks ago he was frail but able to wash, shower and pop to the shops to get a newspaper. Now he is housebound and can only walk with a frame.  He stopped his "pompey pom" tuneless singing and replaced it with nothing. Absolutely zilch. Silence.

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