Saturday, 28 January 2017

Apple Trees

My husband Trevor and I visited Dad in hospital today. Dad is recovering from pneumonia and doing remarkably well but his dementia will not improve.  Occasionally it will hide behind a mask of lucidity and he is so normal I want to cry with thankfulness. However today was a mixture of understanding and confusion. He looked weak, thin and vulnerable.  He is not the strong father I remember from years ago. Not the father who used to repair the roof, rewire the house, build furniture, tend to the garden, take me fishing in the summer and sledging in the winter snow. Not the father who taught me mathematics, helped with history projects and proof-read English essays. He is not the father who took me elderberry picking to make home-made wine or helped me climb our apple tree. Beautiful memories! These times are long gone and my father is now just a shell of the man he once was. In my mind though he will always be my hero and I love him x

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