Thursday, 11 March 2010

National No Smoking Day - 10th March 2010

I wrote a blog article last June about how I gave up smoking in 2004. This article was picked up recently by a producer at the BBC Coventry & Warwickshire radio station. She invited me to go into the studios on 'National No Smoking Day' (yesterday,10th March) for a live interview with the morning presenter, Annie Othen.

The programme is available to listen to on BBC iPlayer, only for about a week I think, if anyone is interested,

I'm on air 8 minutes 45 seconds into the programme until 26 minutes 51 seconds. Annie Othen is such a lovely, interesting person you may want to listen to all of her programme!


Steve said...

Congratulations! The One Show with Adrian Chiles must surely be beckoning!

Annie said...

Thanks Steve, do you mean because I have a similar accent to him LOL?
It was a lot of fun!