Tuesday, 1 December 2009

New Look

Welcome to my new-look blog, previously called 'Running for Carers' and now simply 'Annie'. Trevor and I have finished fund-raising for Carers UK so I'm not quite sure what to do with this blog.... I probably will just share snippets of news from time to time.

Graham Kendrick
In the last month Trevor and I have been busy organising a Graham Kendrick concert, which will take place at the Coventry Methodist Central Hall on 8th December. It has been a massive financial risk for the church as we needed to sell 550 tickets just to break-even. We've had to pay for Graham and his musicians, sound engineers, their hotel accommodation and meals, posters, fliers, newspaper adverts.. oh the list goes on!
Thank God, at the time of typing this, 600 tickets have been sold and there's still a week to go.......

I used to work as an actress but due to a change of direction, I have not performed professionally on stage since March 2003. It is something I would very much like to return to in 2010, as I approach my 50th birthday. I recently auditioned for a small part in an amateur production of Patrick Hamilton's Victorian thriller,"Gaslight" at a local theatre (6-13 February 2010). Amazingly I've ended up with the main part as Mrs Manningham, a woman brought to the brink of madness by her manipulative husband. Ingrid Bergman played this part in the 1944 film. First rehearsal tomorrow - SCARY!!!!!!

Ingrid Bergman and Charles Boyer in the 1944 American MGM film version of "Gaslight"

Ingrid Bergman

Diana Wynyard and Anton Walbrook in the British 1940 version, called "Murder in Thornton Square". This is my favourite of the two films.


Steve said...

Good luck with Gaslight - or should I say, break a leg?

Annie said...

Thanks Steve - your good wishes are appreciated!