Wednesday, 25 March 2009


4 weeks 4 days to go!

If someone had asked me to choose between another day's training or diving head-first into a pond full of frogspawn, there have been occasions when the frogspawn seemed a more attractive option.

However, as Trevor and I participated in the Silverstone Half-Marathon on 15th March, I was hugely relieved that we chose the training. We were certainly prepared for the 13.1 mile run round this famous motor racing circuit, and it was invigorating!

Out of 6801 runners, we reached the finish line in positions 5479/5480 in 2 hours, 22 minutes. To some, it may not sound impressive, but there were 1321 runners slower than us, according the 'timing chip' results after the race. We didn't spot many middle-agedies like us either, as we were surrounded by youngsters. I have ordered some photos taken by the official photographers and expect to receive them next week.

A brilliant day and not a frog in sight.

Last Saturday we completed a 15-mile run, our furthest so far, and we're planning 18 miles this weekend. Getting close to the Big One now.........


Steve said...

To describe a 13.1 mile run as invigorating is both admirable and frightening! A cold shower is invigorating! You've become superhuman! Seriously though, I think you and Trevor are doing brilliantly and I wish you both well for the big one!

Annie said...

Thanks Steve!
It was a beautiful day, there was music playing and crowds cheering - it really was invigorating! Not sure I'll use that word after 26 miles though lol.

Best wishes,
Wonder Woman

David Wike said...

Good morning wonder woman!

Give me the frogspawn any day! I presume that you would have been in the top half of the field if the old guy hadn’t held you back.

As far as I recall, my only run round Silverstone saw me expiring in a cloud of steam miles from the pits in pouring rain. After that I took to keeping frogs.

Hope this weekend’s gentle jog goes well. At least Trevor won’t have his weekend spoiled by United losing again.

Well done and keep on running – the pond can wait ‘til after London.

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Steve – appreciated – the training programme has gradually built us up over the last five months and I pray it will take us 26 miles on the big day!!!

Hi David - There are no Premier matches this weekend – older guys than me clearly have poor memory.

I realise that as a Liverpool fan you've let your team’s temporary fleeting success go to your head so I forgive your absent mindedness on this occasion. Normal service will be resume next weekend when United finally get out of third gear for the first time this season. We always respond when the chips are down.

We will be running 18 miles tomorrow and I will gracefully accept your age discrimination. As an 'old guy' I was very happy to see so many ‘younger guys’ behind us at Silverstone.

Have a good weekend - Come on you Reds!! …the Reds from Manchester that is …

Annie said...

Good afternoon David,

Thanks for your witty comments! I'd like to say my sugar daddy husband held me back but alas, no. What he lacks in youth and hair follicles, he more than makes up in stamina. I think I held HIM back!

Look after those frogs :)

J.KANNAN said...

Dear Trevor & Annie,

Wonderful feed back at regular intervals. Good.-
From now on,
From 4 weeks to 4 days to go- its going to be
2 weeks and 2 days to go.........and then
1 week and one day to go.......... and then
1 day to go................and finally
On 26 Apr 09 the great marathon event to finish and end with all glories to you both for celebrations.

Its really amazing to note that you both have on last Sat day completed 15 miles and planning to complete 18 miles this week end.. You both will definitely make it and all the best and good you both.

To keep up my promise, I have already instructed my bank to make ready a Bankers cheque in favour of "TREVOR GAY for GBP 25/-, like last time and shall send it you by Regd Air Mail by Wed/Thu day upon my return from Travel.

Once again all the Best to you both and may God be with you and continue to Bless you both always.


Trevor Gay said...

Brilliant JK - you are an absolute gem! Thank you again.

Annie said...

Hi JK,
Thanks for your comments... encouraging as always! Thank you so much also for arranging more sponsorship - it's very kind of you!
Trevor I and managed the 18-mile run today and we're still alive. 20 miles planned for next weekend!
Not long now until the Big Day....
God bless :) x

David Wike said...

Hi Annie,

Can’t you persuade that old bloke to stick to comments on his own blog? It wouldn’t be so bad if he didn’t jump to conclusions. I was fully aware that there was no Premiership football last weekend, which is why I knew that United wouldn’t lose. As for getting out of third gear, I would have thought that any gear other than reverse would be an improvement at the moment.

I’m a bit worried about the hot baths – have you checked that they are OK? I understand that athletes, footballers and the like take iced baths. Now that would really make a Sunday – 20 miles + a soak in a tub of ice cubes!

Well done on the latest training session and don’t forget to order in a big bag of ice cubes from Tesco for the coming weekend.

Trevor Gay said...

Cold bath??!!! - You have to be kidding!! ... mind you soaking my feet in cold water round the ankles might a good idea - thanks for the suggestion - it's always round my ankles where I feel the most pain after the run.

Yours, affectionately as always

Old Bloke

Annie said...

Thanks for your advice but ice cubes are much better in a G & T.

Just off to Tescos.....