Wednesday, 20 August 2008

More Photos from "Cloudstreet" (Summer Theatre School)

Here are some pictures, taken by Andrew Dyer of the Riding Lights Theatre Company
Me as Dolly Pickles in the floral dress on the left

A drunken Dolly tells her daughter that she shouldn't hate her

Dolly Pickles get chatted up in the local bar

Dolly is not impressed by the big old rambling house where she and her family have to live

The girls next door chase after Dolly's son with a pair of scissors. He has just shown one of them his "thingy".

Trevor, as Sam Pickles, pleads with his daughter to visit her estranged mother, Dolly.


Steve said...

All looks very intense and Pinter like!

Annie said...

I suppose it was at times... but there were plenty of lighter moments!

Question of Identity said...

Hi Annie

Thanks for this.

Have pinched these photos and added one to my blog - hope this is ok.


Annie said...

Hello Neil,

Of course it's OK - it looks good on your blog posting!

The Riding Lights Flickr photos on their blog are of a much higher quality but you may have discovered that they are protected. I managed to lift them from Andrew Dyer's Facebook account and the resolution is very much reduced. It might be an idea for you to credit the photos to Andrew Dyer. I think there might be another one of you on Facebook.. I'll take another look and email it if there is
Hope that all is well with you.
God bless, Annie

Andrew Glazebrook said...

It looks like Pickles was pickled ! Sorry I had to make that joke :)

Is it hard performing when the audience is so close and the set is so open ?!

Annie said...

Very good Andrew!

Actually, it was great experience playing on a 'traverse' set, so no, not hard - just different!
Good to hear from you. Will take a look at your blog soon - I've been having a bit of a rest from blogging lately.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

The school my daughter has just left has a very open stage they're pulling the school down in a few years but there's a petition to save the theatre !!

Annie said...

Thanks for the link Andrew... I took a look at the Hexagon. The open stage is great - much more personal for audiences I think. It always makes me sad to hear about theatre closures so I hope the petition is successful!
Best wishes, A