Sunday, 18 May 2008

Imagine this.....

Imagine that you go to the theatre one evening to see a play in two acts.

Imagine that the play opens with a narrator to set the scene, during which some people come into the auditorium, late and noisily.

Imagine that the first narration is over and the first scene appears to go quite well, creating laughter and a round of applause at the end of the scene.

Imagine that the second scene is interrupted by two people from the audience. The first one says that the first scene was completely false and unrealistic. The second person stands up to say that he is offended by something in the script.

Imagine that the scene continues, somewhat slugglishly because the success of the second scene is dependent on a response from the audience.

Imagine that one of the actors remains composed and professional, though inside he feels embarrassed. The other actor becomes hyper-active in an attempt to win back the audience, but does manage a degree of control.

Imagine that a couple more people in the audience interrupt by stating that the play was different from what they were expecting and had they known what the play was about, they wouldn't have come. They leave the auditorium.

Imagine that the curtains close before the first act is finished.

Imagine that the second act proceeds but it is difficult to follow, without having seen the first act in its entirety.

OK that's enough imagination for one day! This highlights one of our role-playing training workshops for the NHS, last Friday. Trevor and I have facilitated many of these events and apart from a little bit of negative feedback a few months ago from one, the response has been warm and positive! We wouldn't have been contracted to do a series of 25 workshops with one health authority if they'd been that awful!

I was the one who went all hyper and humiliated myself. I feel so sorry that we failed, and that the majority of the audience were short-changed.

Sigh, we have 4 more similar workshops this week. Lamb and slaughter spring to mind. I'd better pop a jar of mint sauce in my handbag.

Here's me, after the workshop... attempting a smile!


dave wheeler said...

Annie- There are just some words you can't ever imagine colliding in the same sentence, complete contradictions in terms. In this case multiple ones. Trevor, Annie, awful and workshop.

To paraphrase the old saying, "those that can do, those who can't are critics!" It's real easy to offer opinion and commentary when you're in the seats and not on the "stage". I'm sure that neither of you will let this define you personally or professionally as there are a whole lot of other folks who saw it much differently than this crew. The spot you found yourself was both tough and you say, someone saw great deal of value in what you folks do and that's why you are doing a series.

I'm thinking the four workshops this week are simply going to show what an anomaly the Friday session was. The best "revenge" is success...validation for what you do and do well.

Since your workshop is a unique and innovative given the method of presentation I will say 'break a leg". Figuratively for the most part but hey...if they start getting out of line again...

Take care and enjoy what you do!


Trevor Gay said...

Brilliant Dave - Annie will comment later. It's 8.20 am and we are getting ready to drive to today's workshop - fingers crossed!!

Annie said...

Thanks Dave, Trevor and I really do appreciate your response and kind words.
Today's workshop was completely different from last Friday - it went really well! Phew!

No-one got out of line, ha, I was going to ask you to sort them out if they did!

Bless you - I hope that you are having a good week so far :-)

dave wheeler said...

Terrific to hear things went well today! I will have a glass of wine to celebrate either for or with you and Trevor! As for sorting folks out, I used to be a Life Support/Survival's amazing how you can get folks straight with some rope and a trip wire. Launch one person unexpectedly from their seat to the ceiling and you will have their attention the rest of the day! Take care and enjoy the day!

Annie said...

Dave that is brilliant...hehe!
As I type Trevor is putting the rope and trip wire in the car, ready for today's workshop.


Steve said...

Life is tough at the top... ;-)

Also bear in mind that some people just don't want to be happy / satisfied / entertained / taught... it's best just to chalk those brickwalls up as experience. It sounds to me like you and Trevor always do a great job and give 100%. It doesn't get any better or more professional than that. Go get 'em!

Annie said...

Thanks for your encouragement Steve.

Trevor often uses a quote from James Dewar: "Minds are like parachutes - they only function when they are open"

We had good feedback from Monday and Tuesday's workshops but one person at the end yesterday said it was a waste of her time and she hadn't learned anything new. I asked her why she had attended and she said "I was told to - it was just to tick a box to say I'd been on a course"

I'm at home today - let's see what the next couple of days bring!

Congrats to your little lad for no longer being toothless!