Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Acorn Antiques

Having recently acquired a DVD of the Acorn Antiques series, I felt highly cheered after watching it last night.

I'd forgotten how funny this plotless series is with it's wobbly scenery, lack of continuity and hilarious acting! Here's a sample of the dialogue between Babs (owner of Acorns Antiques) and Mrs Overall (the tea lady)

Babs: Here I am blabbing away about my own troubles and I never asked you about your husband's car crash.

Mrs O: Oh he's dead Miss Babs. In fact I was going to ask you if I could have a couple of hours off on Thursday for the funeral.

Babs: Of Course. Just pop back at five for the hoovering. What happened?

Mrs O: His heart stopped beating.

Babs: Oh no.

Mrs O: Yes, well, sometimes that's God's way of telling you you're dead. Not to worry, Bingo tonight.

Hehe - a few titters certainly help ease the winter blues! I've yet to see the musical version, though I do have a copy on DVD. Can't wait!

What has made YOU laugh lately?


Steve said...

Funnily enough watching reruns of Rising Damp - Karen and I were howling yesterday evening as we ate our meals. The scripts are tight and still current and the performances are all faultless. Absolutely hilarious.

Annie said...

Hey, you didn't mention that you and Karen were werewolves!

I didn't know until you mentioned it about the Rising Damp reruns. I must try and watch some. I remember the main characters but I've also got a vague recollection of Peter Bowles as a camp guy, which was completely different from his 'From the Manor Born' character!

Steve said...

Funily enough they showed the Peter Bowles episode on Wednesday - he was pretending to be an effeminate thespian in order to get closer to Miss Jones...

Annie said...

Aw... wish I'd seen it. Thanks Steve.