Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Race For Life Countdown... 1 day to go!

This photo was taken after last year's Race For Life, as I ran to raise money for Cancer Research UK. Well I'll be running for the 3rd year... um... running on 20th June -TOMORROW!
If you happen to have a bit of spare cash, please sponsor me - just a few pounds/dollars would be fantastic! Click here to go to my fundraising page.
Thank yoooooooooo - I love you xxxxx


Andrew Glazebrook said...

Even Tesco has control of you,they're everywhere. Regarding racing, I'd probably get knackered just handing out cups of water !! Still you're young and fit !

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Andrew - We all know Tesco strap line for marketing is 'Every Little Helps' ..... soooooo I was thinking .... how about a donation to Annie in the spirt of the strap line???!!! :-)

Yours cheekily


Annie said...

You say the nicest things Andrew!
Looking forward to the race - my shock-absorber anti-bounce bra and loyal trainers are at the ready.

Thanks cheeky Trevor - HEAR HEAR!


Andrew Glazebrook said...

Tis done !! But for £20 you best win ! :)

Annie said...

Andrew, you are a star - thank you soooooo much for your generosity!

Just going for a run now but will comment later on your blog.

As I'll be running with many women more than half my age, it's unlikely I'll win but I'll try and be the first woman over 45 past the post :-)

Thank you.