Monday, 26 February 2007

Three Stages of Trevor

This photo of Trevor, aged 54, was taken in October 2006. The two below I published last year on my old blog and felt that they were worth showing again..... he was at 40

....and here he was at 20. Some people compared him to Tom Cruise. What do you think?


Trevor Gay said...

Thank you hon x

How we look often reflects how we feel. 40 was not a good time.

If I look better at 54 that is totally down to who I am with :-)

When I was 20 anyone who thought I looked like Tom Cruise probably didn’t go to Specsavers?

On the other hand Specsavers were not around in 1973!!

Love you x

Andrew Glazebrook said...

That middle pic looks like Trevor could have been in a band like The Wurzels ! :)

Regarding the Tom Cruise pic, did you ever get that hairdresser ? His brother must have had a shop here in the Boro because he cut my Dads just like it.

You look great at 54,you're gonna look amazing at 80 !!! :)

Annie said...

Thanks hon and thanks Andrew for your kind comments.

It takes all of 2 minutes to cut Trevor's hair these days; 10 seconds to cut it and 110 seconds to decide which one.

Trev just got himself a new combine harvester and he's going to give me the key :-)

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks for the compliment Andrew - at 80 I intend to still be playing football but only two matches a week then :-)

As regards the combine harvester darling that is only after a chrous of:

'I am a cider drinker
I drinks it all of the day
I am a cider drinker
It sooths all me troubles away
Ooh aaaah Ooh aaaah aye
Ooh aaaah Ooh aaaah aye'